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ProForce – efficient and money saving adhesives from STAUF

Wider range, less weight – innovative adhesives.

sustainability made “easy” 

Our innovative product family ProForce weigh less, but they achieve up to 70 % more coverage!

Under the name „ProForce“, we have developed a range of adhesives that sets new standards in terms of sustainability and protecting both the environment and installers: ProForce products stand out with their up to 70 % greater coverage and up to 40 % lower consumption. In concrete terms, this means that it takes only 75kg of adhesive to bond 100m² of parquet instead of 130kg of a conventional parquet adhesive. This adds up to 55kg less material that needs to be purchased, transported from the manufacturer to the installer and carried to the construction site.

True to the slogan “wider range – less weight” the STAUF ProForce family saves energy and resources and protects both people and the environment.

The ProForce adhesives STAUF SPU 510, STAUF M2A 910 and STAUF PUK 410 also feature outstanding properties such as higher strengths combined with greater elasticity, improved dimensional stability and optimal consumer and environmental protection, since they do not contain any non-reactive or migratory components.

proforce STAUF

STAUF ProForce – 
Compactly explained in our tutorial clip

70 % greater coverage at 40 % lower consumption

With STAUF SPU 510, significantly more square metres of parquet can be laid per kilogram of adhesive – about 70 % more! This top product from the silane range of adhesives convinces with its outstanding technical properties and application approvals.

A bucket of STAUF SPU 510 weighs only 11 kg. This filler-free adhesive is significantly lighter than comparable products – and is much more efficient in terms of consumption. Its  around 40% lower consumption compared to conventional parquet adhesives not only saves resources but also reduces transport costs and benefits the installer.

Read more: Click here to download the STAUF SPU 510 flyer.

STAUF M2A 910 – efficient all-rounder

With its particularly low density and very low consumption, coupled with its virtually perfect spreadability, STAUF M2A 910 is right at the forefront and is set to continue the 70-year success story of STAUF dispersion adhesives.

This parquet adhesive is an efficient all-rounder that is suitable for many popular types of parquet but stands out particularly by offering the right degree of elasticity together with very good initial tack.

Read more: Click here to download the STAUF M2A 910 Flyer.

STAUF PUK 410 – efficient – light– CO2-reduced

Also STAUF PUK 410 with its particularly low density and very low consumption, sets new standards for parquet adhesives and continues STAUF's 200-year success story.

The PU parquet adhesive is an unbeatable multi-talent for all types of parquet and can be used on any substrate suitable for parquet. Furthermore, it offers a high shear strength and controlled foaming.

Read more: Click here to download the STAUF PUK 410 Flyer.

Bucket made from 100 % recycled plastic

At STAUF, we also focus on sustainability when it comes to the packaging of ProForce products. The buckets which come with the new adhesives are made of 100 % recycled plastic. This plastic is a post-consumer recycled (PCR) material which is generated from plastic packaging obtained from consumer waste. No fossil raw materials are needed for its production. Unlike other plastics, it contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions, since PCR is made entirely from waste. Specifically, it saves 36 % CO2 per bucket! Since STAUF has also replaced the metal handles with plastic ones, the recyclate buckets can easily be 100 % recycled again after use with no extra effort.

STAUF ProForce Sustainability


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